Be prepared to greet our new exchange student. Good morning or hello sounds like "DOE-BRAY DEN".
Delayed by hours as a result of lost baggage, Barbora Debefová "Bara" our Slovakian exchange student was finally united with her welcoming party - Dee Marie, Bill Evans, host parents Susan and Scott Veach, and Cathie Ecker. Greeters held the Slovakian flag right side up, as opposed to the upside down Belgium flag that Jean was greeted with. Bara is pictured here with most of the party.

Bara arrived at Sea Tac on Sunday, Aug. 23. after 14 hours in the air and several more at the airport, yet she and Bill still had enough energy to pay a short surprise visit to a fireside gathering at Denny & Andrea Christman's home. There she also met Rick Gehring & his son Conner, Chris & Monica Beckham and Kristy Ewing.