Laurie Stearns was born in Hollywood. She's the shortest in her family (she's very tall!). Her mom is French and she grew up as a military brat. Although the family moved around, they did live in Chula Vista for quite awhile. Laurie remembers 10ยข ice cream and other things that some of us can relate to, but that no longer exist. Her mom became a US citizen the year Laurie graduated from the 9th grade, making that a special year. Laurie went to junior college in Chula Vista. Having lived here once and moving away, she moved back to Washington in 1992 and was hired at the high school and coached basketball. The most important things in her life are family, friends and faith. Laurie is the Branch Director and avid spokesperson for the Bremerton Boys and Girls Club.

Laurie is a new member. Please make a point of introducing yourself and welcoming Laurie to the club.