Robb Osborn was born in Dexter IA, in an 800 person farming community, 35 mi west of DesMoines. He worked on a farm while in HS, feeding pigs, milking cows, and weeding corn and soybean rows.

Robb is a retired doctor and a new member of Port Orchard Rotary.
His home town was 5 blocks by 7 blocks. There were 15 persons in his HS graduating class. He attended undergraduate, medical school and OB/Gyn residency at Univ. of Ia. Then he interned in Portland Oregon. He became fond of the NW that year. He then spent 2 years in the Navy at Portsmouth Naval Hospital, in Portsmouth Va. There he married Jean in 1965 (during his last year of med school).

Rob had 3 children before adopting a 6 year old Korean boy. Now he has four grandchildren, all girls, and all live within driving distance of his home in McCormick Woods.

Rob worked his entire career at Group Healh Cooperative, first on Capital Hill in Seattle, then Redmond. He retired in January, 2001, but continued to do night duty for 5 years, several times per month.

In his career he delivered 6,000 babies!

Rob's hobbies are travel and photography. He has been in all of our country's states, and has traveled to 63 other countries. His family has been going to Lake Curlew in eastern Washington for 23 consecutive years. In 2009 he and Jean went to Mexico, Palm Springs, Hawaii, England, France, Ireland, Iceland, and China. But this year they won't be quite so busy with traveling.