The following invitation to participate in the Fathom of Fun Street Scramble was distributed by the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce:
Walk, run, bike....

Put your team together today!!
Challenge your neighbors, your friends, your family,
your associates and your fellow employees!

Saturday, June 27th, starts at 9:30am

At Kitsap Bank, 619 Bay St. Port Orchard
$5 per person or $20 'family' category teams of 4 or more.
A family category team- at least one member age 12 or under.
Participate individually or in groups--All ages!
Register today OR register at the event starting at 9am!!!
Or call the PO Chamber 360-876-3505
The challenge: Thirty scenic checkpoints are marked on a map of Port Orchard each with a point value. On foot or bike, how many can you visit in 90 minutes OR three hours?   

An urban treasure hunt: The treasures are neighborhood sights and points of interest.  Checkpoints will include Port Orchard's marina area, downtown business corridor and hillside residential neighborhoods.

Visit locations in any order, and answer a simple question to prove you were there. Those who collect the most points are the winners! Be competitive or casual. Go solo or in a team of 2-5. Discover a new neighborhood, or one you thought you knew well. Fun for families, runners, cyclists, walking enthusiasts, groups of friends, and anyone who likes to explore.

Don't miss this novel, healthy, friendly activity.
Call 360-876-3505 or check out
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