Thank you Cathy Ecker for taking notes!


Presiding Pat Oster

Brad Smith
/ update. Brad is doing much better, hopefully to return next week

Invocation Tim Thomson

Song Danford

DLTA update - saw Juliette


  • Doreen Hagenson
  • Mindy Buyers - East Bremerton club
  • Natalie Stokke - prospective member
  • Valerie - Villar's treasurer asst.


  • Bill Evans


  • Lore Coe, wife of former Rotarian Marve Coe had a pacer installed
  • Bruce Bennet - won the March Madness
  • Pete Holt sold his wife's car to some guy... is hoping the check will clear (har har)...
  • Bill Evans - bought Pete Holt's wife's car
  • Mindy announced East Bremerton (?)

Program - Jennifer Hartisan from Helpline

  • Helpline funding needed
  • 2010 purchased the PO Nursery
  • Talked about the food point system. Health food is fewer points than bad food.
  • Food bank services 3 to 4000 people a month.
  • Very grateful for all of the community support.
  • Selling flowers and baskets to help support the food bank.
  • Charlotte Garrido is growing produce at her home that is going to Helpline.
  • Cisco Morris is helping as well. On July 9th hs is coming out to support the rose garden fund raiser.