Thank you Bill Evans for taking notes!


photo of Amy DeAngelo HInes and Susie Crank of The iiT Factor taken by Natalie Stokke

Invocation Susan Veach

Pledge Jim Civilla

Greg Sandstrom
Julie Tappero
Heidi Scheibner

Corny - only one there

Don Demers
Rick Seward

Tom Herstad - 43 years
Dave Selbig - 50 years

Feb. 8th - Annual Boy Scout breakfast
Next week's program - Rob Endsley - Fishing and radio talk show

Frank Tweeten
Started business in Kitsap in 1976 - club house grill concept
Decided to become general contractor and developer

Super Nintendo G4
Husky and Cougar stuff
Snowboarding did not hit tree at Stevens
Fireworks for the first time in her life

Happy bucks
Jim Civilla - Son graduated from ASU and today starts his first job
Jim Avery - Leaving for Arizona tomorrow
Denny Christman - Their daughter Julia is having a baby girl today
Dan Phillips - Daughter travelling to Jamaica
Bob Cairns - Helmet camera works until you blow up

Program - The iiT Factor
Susie Crank and Amy DeAngelo Hines
Music performance studio - One of a kind program
Prepare kids for opportunities in pop culture
$45 to $55 a month
Mile High Gymnastics - business location
First show 12/17 at Marcus Whitman Jr. High
Jr. Glee - kids 9-12
Dance class and solos - teen glee stars
Full on recital audition - amazing response from the community
Amy sang Amazing Grace