Thank you to Brad Smith for taking notes. Today was Brad's first meeting NOT as President. Today was Cathy Ecker's first meeting officiating as President.


  • Larry Lafall
  • Kelsey Brown
Sunshine Report:

  • Birthdays - Darek Grant, Bruce Bennett, David Rill
  • Anniversaries - Don Demars, Steve Krecker

Clark Townsend memorial July 2nd at Green River College. 

Ron Hutchinson told us about incoming exchange student from Chile. Goes by Be a. Will arrive August 20.

Classification: Don DeMers
Born in San Jose, CA. He is a new member inducted about 3 weeks ago. Family of police officers and fire fighters. Went to school in Cooperstown. Went into the museum business as a director. After he was a museum director he became a police officer for approximately 25 years. Retired 2006, moved to WA. Is now a P.I. fuent in Spanish

Happy Bucks / Fine Program:
Brad's pict in paper
Berenfelt Foundation gave $75,000 for Leslie Reynolds' Skate Park Project
Chris Beckham family went fishing in N. Saskatchewan
Brad is happy to have a warm breakfast
Ron Richmond's firm hosted an impromptu visit from retired judge Dan Phillips, which made the firm nervous.
Tim Thomson - in June wife Denise rec'd her Doctorate degree
from Seattle University. Education in Leadership.
Kristy Ewing - son and family will visit all of July

Progam - Pat Oster shares with the club his and Jay Villars' experience of going to the Rotary International Conference hosted in New Orleans. He showed several cameo videos of featured speakers. He stressed many times how much fun he had and thanked the club for the opportunity to attend.