Time to put on our buffs and start forming strategies for this year's auction — Survivor Port Orchard Island! The race is on to get sponsors and donations. The event is May 1st, again to be held at the Clubhouse at McCormick Woods.

The club received a thank you note addressed to Jim Civilla. from a scholarship recipient.

Glenn S. - reminder of Cub Scout breakfast (now past)

Members are encouraged to stay in touch with Niels N. - Niels your presence is missed!

Dave S. - sent around a sign up sheet for 2010 firesides

Jim Civilla. - saw Niels N at Albertson's

Jim Civilla. - says that the Ready for Kindergarten open house had good attendance.

Wayne C. - Encourages members to attend board meetings and also community service meetings if they really want to know what is going on, and where the club's money is spent.

    Dennis B. in Silverdale

    Dennis B. - son?

    Exchange student report
    Ron H. read a note from our exchange student in Finland. She saw Picasso's work in Helsinki and "other fun stuff", and thanks memebers for the opportunity.

    Classification Talk
    Brad Smith, Painting Contractor > link here to read.

    Club Assembly
    Cathy Ecker generated enthusiasm for this year's auction. Theme is "Survivor, Port Orchard Island". Great news, we will be allowed to provide the fresh crab ourselves, as was done in year's past. There will be $5 raffle collections for a community idol. A Dessert frenzy is planned. We are seeking trip donations. The Funded Item this year will go to the B&G Club.