Makeups - none
Guests - none

David Selbig - firesides, sign up for next 4 quarters, will host one.
Glenn Schmidt - Feb. 10th annual leadership breakfast
Cathy - next week Feb. 2nd - auction assembly at regular meeting
Niels has more or less relapsed, health wise. Please stay in contact with him.

Happy bucks
Jeff J. glad to be here - last week had oral surgery
Denny C. - to Salt Lake City with kids to ski
Brian S. and wife - to Salt Lake City on vacation
Cathy E. - nice baby shower last weekend
Jody G. - 4th and maybe 5th grandkid on the way (twins?)
Glenn S. - daughter's adoption draws near
Andrew C. - to Olympia - has been recognized as teacher of the year
Dave LaRose - today is "S. Kitsap marching band day" declared by Governor.
Wayne C. - to Palm Springs - where it rained like crazy.
Andrew C. - recognized as 2010 Civic Ed. of Year in Olympia
Derek - happy to work with Dave LaRose

Wayne Senter and Tom Herstad were teased about haircuts.
Wayne S. "lost a bet." He shaved his head because the Fire Dept. went an entire year having had no accidents. Congrats and good job SK Fire Department.
Fines to all without pins
Scott Logan - practical joke at school
Fines were levied on all who didn't return the survey that Wayne Cohen asked us to do.


Tim Thomson introduced Ron Wright who presented an entertaining program about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Read more here.