Thank you Natalie Stokke for taking notes!

January is Rotary Awareness Month

Opening Music: 4 way test
Note Taker: Natalie Stokke
Invocation: Andrew Cain
Pledge: Jacquie Curtiss
Guest: Megan from Coffee Oasis
Make-ups: Corny

  • Fireside - Pete Holt, passing out to people who signed up, in the process of finalizing
  • Auction- Susan Veach, lots of momentum, need team names, procurement forms, sponsorship logos
  • Hatchery - Brian Sauer, 70,000 Chum Eggs
  • Valentine's Dinner February 12, $25 per person at McCormick Woods
  • Coffee Oasis - Community Forum to discuss new shop in Port Orchard, February 2, 1-3pm at Discovery Gym

Exchange Student Report: Serena, Wrapped presents for PO Cares, Nutcracker with Jeff Jahns and family, new host family Bill & Barb Evans, Crystal Mountain with Ron and family.

Assistant Governor Report: Bill Evans

  • 5020 District is the 10th largest in the world
  • 6B our area is made of South Kitsap, PO, North Mason, Bremerton and East Bremerton.
  • 4,800 Rotarians in this district, 88 clubs.
  • Net gain of 28 Rotarians in 2012.
  • Things on the table: make-ups through technology (skype, etc,), 4 missed meetings to 6, allow campaigning for governor, Feb 23rd is the membership summit. DLTA March 23rd & 24th. Bremerton Club Wild Game Dinner Feb. 9th.

Program: Corny Is the PC Really Dead?
Convergence of technology and sharing information- from clay tablets, to papyrus scrolls to technology and tablets, and handheld devices like E-book readers increased popularity, but you cannot scan even those for choice words and information they are just page accelerators. PC is still the powerhouse for processing and analyzing data. Adjust Copy write laws