Thank you Lary Coppola for taking notes.
Invocation: Susan Veach

Song by Danford: Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight

Guests & Visiting Rotarians: Kyle Morkert - Prez SK Rotary. Dave Selbig's brother.

Bill Evans in Gig Harbor.
Lary Coppola in Key Largo Florida

SK Rotary's Bay Street Bash invitation from Kyle and Jerry

Happy Bucks / Fines: Susan and Frank Tweten (anniversary?)


Our club's own Wayne Senter, Fire Chief of South Kitsap and Dusty Wiley Fire Commissioner with SKFR presented a program to encourage members to support the upcoming levy renewal.
Wayne said, "Approval of the temporary levy lid lift by a simple majority will allow SKFR to maintain 20 Firefighter/EMT’s and maintain its current level of service."

Vote on April 17th, 2012.


The following overview was provided by Wayne Senter:

Kitsap Fire and Rescue serves the largest population at 73,168 in Kitsap County and is the busiest fire district in Kitsap County with 7,138 emergency calls for help in 2011. For 2012, SKFR has the lowest taxes collected and the lowest annual budget dollars per capita of population served. South Kitsap Fire and Rescue also has the lowest taxes collected and the lowest annual budget dollars per emergency call compared to any other fire district in this county. SKFR is in its 12th year as an internationally accredited fire service agency through the Center for Public Safety Excellence ( The funding comparisons above serve as a snapshot that lends credibility to SKFR as a high value public service organization that consistently provides an efficient and effective operation with the precious tax resources their community provides. Using public safety best management practices as required through accreditation give citizens the biggest fire/EMS bang for their taxpayer buck.

In 2006, voters approved the first 6-year fire levy, and since then SKFR has reduced emergency response times by 195 seconds. We did this by staffing Station 11 (Bethel Road) with two Firefighter/EMTs around the clock after the 6-year fire levy funding was approved. In 2009, SKFR voters approved the six year EMS levy which allowed SKFR to staff Station 9 (Yukon Harbor) with two Firefighter/EMT’s around the clock. In both cases we received a federal SAFER Act grant to offset local property tax costs by nearly $2 million collectively.

South Kitsap Fire and Rescue's 2006 temporary fire levy is set to expire at the end of this year. That levy represents $1.7 million of the total $12 million in property taxes collected for 2012. That equates to an average of 26.6 cents per $1,000 of assessed value on your home or commercial building. The median valued home in South Kitsap is right about $225,000, which means this home owner will continue to pay $60 a year to renew this levy. If this renewal is approved, SKFR Fire Commissioners have promised through their resolution that will only collect the same amount of tax in 2013 as they did this year. This levy renewal will run for another six years and allows SKFR to continue the current level of service that we have worked so hard to build together. I urge all citizens to study this critical community issue by visiting the SKFR website ( and through other credible sources and then make sure you vote when the mail-in ballot arrives at the end of this month.