Today was Wayne Cohen's first regular meeting as President of the Port Orchard Rotary Club. He chose to begin his term with a Club Assembly. It was nice to see Jim Civilla sitting down and enjoying his breakfast for a change.
Today's meeting began with a sombering letter which was read aloud by Wayne. The letter (an email) from Bess Olson arrived late in the evening prior to our meeting. Bess relayed Norm Olson's telling of a near tragic event which involved him and our friend David Selbig.

The two men had been out in their separate boats in their usual fishing grounds on the Straits of Juan de Fuca when a wicked East wind kicked up. In a half hour blue skies gave way to rapidly approaching 6 to 8 foot waves. A sudden series of events capsized Dave's boat, leaving him and fishing buddy Gene Mellis hanging on to the wreckage in very cold and rough seas. Norm nearly motored by Dave and Gene in his boat, but fortunately his son-in-law heard the men shouting and were able to locate them. Rescue efforts were challenging, but successful - thankfully! Both men were hypothermic but are fine now, and as of this writing will likely have gone fishing again, although Dave's boat is "toast".

Dave, we are all super glad that you are okay! This will be one-helluva-fishing-story to tell the grandkids.



Ron Hutchinson gave us an update on the property which may one day be the site of the next Rotary house. I think he said something about boundary disputes needing to be settled first.

Brian Sauer announced the beginning of the Concerts on the Bay series, beginning Thursday July 16th.

Happy Bucks

Aaron, inbound exchange student has just returned from Slovakia.

Ron Hutchinson gave a happy buck for having had the pleasure of hosting Jean LeJeune, and encourages others to consider hosting an exchange student. Today was Jean's last meeting, and has returned to Belgium as of this writing.

Tim Thompson gave $5, thanking members for supporting him and the Port of Bremerton and for our participation in Harbor Days, re: beer garden.

Steve Krecker is glad to have his dad visiting, and said something about a hot dog stand in front of the court house (??)

Susan Veach is glad to have daughter Jackie here, and to have visited with her granddaughter in Portland.

John Woods said something I didn't hear. I am aware he recently visited Yellowstone on a picture taking trip. I'll update us more on that when I get a link to his photos.

Wayne Cohen gave $5 happy bucks - glad to be serving as Prez. Tim Thompson suggested that he might want to set that aside, and that we'll check in with him at the end of the year.


Club Assembly
Each of the Officers and Directors stood to give a description of their duties. Then Wayne asked for feedback from members which was recorded on a flip chart:

Aspects to Improve
  • Visibility / media awareness. Explore new media, ie; facebook, etc.
  • Keep track of member status. (This is actually done by our secretary I believe what Orin Nelson was really asking is that we make it more apparent so that others are aware who is, or isn't a member, or to know who is on a leave of absence)
  • Club Runner. Dan Phillips asked if we could provide member training. Can it be used for networking and fellowship?
  • Programs - let's share the responsibility
  • Meeting Venue. Although a new meeting place is in the works Rick Seward says he likes where we are meeting now. A request was made for coffee and water to be made available at every table.
  • New members. While some are seeking increased membership, others recognize that we need to make more of an effort within the existing demographics - to at least maintain the number of members we currently have.
  • Publicity / PR. Create a new position on the board for a member to handle this responsiblity.
  • Raffle. How to boost? Members voted to make the raffle an "all money, no coffee and flowers" prize. Also, tickets are now $2/each, or 3 for $5.