Thank you Andrew Cain for taking notes.

Note from editor: On this day there was ice and snow on the ground in several areas around Port Orchard. Prez Cathy tells me the turn out was low as a result, but the program was very interesting. She says, "Afterward Doug Richards coordinated a photo op for the fire and rescue levy for the paper."
Invocation: Susan Veach

Pledge: Dave

Song: Red River Valley

Guests: None

Makeups: None

Sunshine Report:

Bring in auction items.

Classification Talk: None

Happy Bucks / Fine Program:

Introduced by Bruce Bennett. Washington Explorer Search and Rescue.

WESER is a not-for-profit organization. All members are volunteers registered under the authority of the Kitsap County Sheriff's Department and the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management. Their motto is "So Others May Live". They are an "all breed canine search and rescue". Their website is

More about Explorer Search and Rescue from the Kitsap County Sheriffs Office website:

This is an organization comprised of teenage searchers and adult advisors. The primary focus is on general ground search techniques and building leadership skills of youth. They are the most active unit for searches within Kitsap County. The ESAR training program is recognized as beneficial for both teens and adults.

A specialized unit within ESAR is All Breeds Canine Search and Rescue (ABCSAR). As the name implies, all breeds of canines are accepted as long as they have the ability and desire to complete the mission. Due to the partnership with ESAR, ABCSAR is one of the only canine search groups that has youth handlers. ABCSAR members are required to complete the same training as all other ESAR Kitsap members in addition to canine training. Becoming a certified team takes hundreds of hours devoted to training and two types of search dogs are utilized, Trailing and Air Scent.

Wayne Cohen