The meeting of May 26th was devoted mostly to the annual awarding of scholarships. A few announcements were made.

President Jim Civilla reported that we made about $500 at the beer garden at Kitsap Harbor Days.

May 28th will be the Rainier baseball game social. (past)

Please bring pins for our outbound exchange student Rachel.

July 16th marks the beginning of the annual Concerts on the Bay.

Save the date of June 30th for the Installation of 2009-10 Port Orchard Rotary Officers.

Jean Lejeune went to Yellowstone Park with his host family.

Bill Evans announced that Susan Veach and Jean's current host family have each agreed to host our next inbound student from Czech Republic. We will need one more host family for the 3rd trimester.


Jim Civilla introduced the recipients of the Vocational Technical Awards.

Gary Lucy announced that the club had $10K to disburse this year, which was split amongst 5 recipients. Then he introduced Dick Peterson, Denny Christman and Kristy Ewing who each presented one scholarship to this years Academic Scholarship recipients: Amanda Feeney, Ashley Manduriao, Sarah Voight, Calvin Bulthuis and Alex Stark. One recipient was not able to attend the meeting. Sean Spencer, who announced awards at the SKHS at their Laurels event was also not able to attend the meeting.

Don Cox said a few words about Maynard Lumberg then introduced Maynard's son and daughter, who each presented an award to a male and female student recipient.