Thank you Jim Civilla for taking meeting notes. He wrote, "Here are my notes -- I kept forgetting to write things down as they were happening!"

That's okay Jim, after serving more than the usual amount of time as President, nobody is going to knock your note taking, especially not me! - Kristy
Prayer by Susan

Pledge Niels
  • Orrin and Kristy Nelson - 36 years
  • Jim and Sue Avery - 16
  • Ray and Patricia - 45
  • Don and Julie Cox - 34 years
  • Brian Lyman
  • Jay Villars
  • Larry from Arizona
  • Chris and Andy from East Bremerton
  • Rick Seward gave a reminder on the golf tourney on Sept 29th
  • Sean Smith gave a reminder that we made a lot of progress on the Cedar Hts. Project but needs more bodies this Saturday at 7 am.
Happy Bucks  (the ones I remember)
  • Don Cox for going to Fenway Park
  • Chris Beckham really enjoyed taking Bara to the Seahawks game
  • Avery - for going the the Idaho Alumni Function

Jeff Jahns gave a great classification talk

Cris Larson gave a funny speech for the program. He is a professional comedian who did over 1000 shows last year.

Sprinkled in his funny stories was his passion for the military. He loves performing for them whenever he can. He told the story of performing on a ship, but because of the different locations of the crew and their shifts, very few could come and watch him at any one time, so he took the show to them and did over 60 performances in one day for that crew.