PeteTaylorSmallSeptember is NEW GENERATIONS MONTH. What is your club doing to make itself attractive to younger potential members and equally important, what is it doing to hold the interest of your existing younger members? Clubs should be non-discriminatory in their recruiting efforts - anyone of any age who would be a good Rotarian should be recruited - but the area of “New Generations” presents the most challenges.

Meanwhile, there are some wonderful things happening in good old District 5020 with the New Generations programs:

YOUTH EXCHANGE. I recently attended the inbound students’ orientation session in Seabeck and got to meet 29 of our new students (one, unfortunately, is still hung up on paperwork).  We are in for another great year!  Our district has hosted as many as 80 students in past years, and clubs all sizes that I have visited recently have indicated their interest in participating in the program. (Info:

ROTARACT. We have five Rotaract clubs in the district. One of our newest ones is at the University of Washington in Tacoma. They are nicely integrated with their sponsor club, Tacoma 8. The Rotaract Club of Victoria is also very active. They recently adopted a new name (formerly the UVic Rotaract Club) and were well represented when I visited the RC of Victoria recently. There are least two Rotary clubs who are currently working on forming new Rotaract Clubs.

INTERACT. There are about 38 Interact clubs in 5020. Several Rotary clubs are currently working on sponsoring new ones, while several others are having difficulties maintaining theirs because of problems getting school advisors who can participate. If you are in the process of starting one and need some help, contact Mark Hoppen.

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly). This is a wonderful leadership training session for high school students (most are juniors). One club sends their incoming Interact club president; another sends their exchange student. Whoever you send, they will benefit immeasurably from their participation. It takes place March 6-9, 2014 at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma. (Contact: Mark Hoppen)

E-CLUBS. We don’t have any E-clubs in the district yet, but this would be a great time to establish one. Which will be the first 5020 Rotary club to sponsor an E-club? While all e-club members are not necessarily “young,” this is the age group most likely to initiate one. (Info: Jerry Obendorf)

RECOGNITION. If your club has an Interact or Rotaract Club, there are recognition opportunities outlined in our Awards Guide on the District web site on pp.26-32). While you are browsing these pages, please take a look at the rest of the booklet for other recognition opportunities.

I would love to hear what your club has specifically done for our younger active or potential Rotary family members in September. Please send it to me at so I can share it.

NEW IDEAS. It’s hard for the old guy to remember every wonderful thing the clubs are doing (especially, recently, without my intrepid note-taker) but a few have been quite memorable:

ROTARACT INVOLVEMENT. The UWT Rotaract Club has several of its members serving on sponsoring-club Tacoma 8’s committees. Also, the Rotaractors have a column in the sponsor club’s newsletter every other week. These two things help to keep the clubs integrated.

REMINDERS. Poulsbo-North Kitsap starts a PowerPoint show 20 minutes or so before the start of the regular breakfast meeting. On it are the latest membership, polio and Foundation statistics plus a lot of fun pictures of club activities. It is fun to watch!

ROTARY PARAPHERNALIA. I am distributing Rotary bumper stickers during my visit. A couple of club presidents have already bought and distributed these and RI theme pins to their members.


Sept. 14 - Foundation Seminar, Lakewood
Sept. 15 - Ambassadorial Scholarship Application Deadline
October - Vocational Service Month
November - Foundation Month 

Thanks everybody for your commitment to Engage Rotary - Change Lives. More next month!