Editor's note: these are the draft board minutes for the board meeting of September 10, 2013 at Everybody’s Restaurant. A revision will be sent out once they are approved.

Rotary Board Input for Newsletter

 Met September 10, 2013, Everybody’s Restaurant






·       Bill and the Board discussed the upcoming District Governor’s visit and how to prepare for possible questions and presentations that would be effective.  Know our areas of service, focus goals, and challenges.  Be able to present our achievements such as the annual auction, fund raising activities, membership, etc.

·       Governor and his spouse will join the Board and a few others from the Club on Monday evening for dinner at McCormick Woods at 6pm.  Our spouses are encouraged to join us for a congenial evening.

·       ACTION:  Jay will verify whether we can dine in the Clubhouse with some privacy and will send out an e-mail with details.  He will also encourage all members to attend Tuesday’s morning meeting with the Governor.  A tour of some of our projects might be possible.  Janis will also invite people from the schools.


·       Board reviewed criteria and discussed achievements to be reported. 

·       Identified that a Foundation Plan is required by November.  ACTION:  Bob & Pat will talk with Dan Philips and Pete Holt to develop and coordinate the plan.


·       Dave brought concept drawings for a memorial to be placed on the Club round about.  (see attachment)  The Nelson family has given their consent to accept any decision by the Club concerning the monument.  Their only caveat is that the Club obtain the appropriate permits.

·       Considerable discussion followed.  All are in favor of a monument at the round about.  Concerns were expressed about the potential for defacement as well as the ability to read the tribute text.  One suggestion was to place the memorial tribute on a plaque at one of our sponsored parks where people could read it.

·       ACTION:  Dave will continue to work with the Club and the family.  He will also begin to obtain City, County, and State permit approvals prior to any final action.

·       The feasibility of assistance from other clubs to which Neils belonged is a possibility also.

·       There is a strong desire to also establish a scholarship fund in Neils name.  The Board is supportive and will form a committee to accomplish this goal.


·       Bob commented that the District Conference in Whistler (May 2nd – 4th) will be crowded as another district is holding a conference there at the same time.  Register early to assure a spot.

·       Jay and Bill handed out current District Directories and have more if needed by anyone.

·       Jay commented that we should be as active as possible in the District Conference and we should apply for as many awards as possible to gain the distinction and recognition we deserve as an active club.

·       Bob and Frank Tweeten will be attending this Saturday’s Foundation Grant seminar.  Grant money goes fast so we must get involved as early as possible to have any chance of getting grants.  They are already gone for this year.

·       Given the need for and activities of our Club’s committees, Pat suggested we purchase a module for Club Runner that will make management and communication of committee activity easier.  ACTION:  Jack will price the module for the Board’s decision.

·       The Board discussed the weekly Club drawing.  It happens to be at a significant amount of money now and the general feeling is that it would be unfair for a non-Club individual to win such a large amount when the Club members have been buying tickets all along.  It was suggested and approved that, should a non-Club member win, the maximum amount won would be $200. 





·       Susan handed out the financial statements.  (attached)

·       She will be sending them to Chris Beckham for finalization.


·       Not all budgets are turned in yet and need to be asap.  A reminder will be given at the next Club meeting.  They are to be sent to Susan and/or to Janis.


·       Susan brought up the issue of non-attendance and overdue payments.  The Board agreed this is a problem that does need to be addressed as there are too many people on the roster who don’t actually attend or pay dues or other fees.

·       Susan suggested we try to personally contact those who are not attending or paying.  The Board members agreed and took the names and billing statements of people to contact.

·       ACTION:  Jack will prepare a list of attendance figures to identify those not active in the Club.  Following the personal contacts and gathering of personal feedback we will review the list and decide how to proceed with membership status.





·       Don continues to research possible sites for the auction.  Possible sites include Kitsap Convention Center, McCormick Woods, Bremerton Airport, Port Orchard Airport, and the local Armory.

·       Some pros and cons of each were discussed.



·       Jack has created a separate sign in sheet for meeting guests as well as stick-on name tags.  He asks that the greeter point these out to guests.  The Board discussed the possibility of two greeters. 

·       ACTION:  The storage room remains cluttered with very old stuff.  Jack will continue to clean out and look into replacing the door handle.



·       We need to update signature authority records for Columbia Bank.  ACTION:  Jack and Janis will meet at the Columbia Bank on Friday (9-13) at 3:30pm.



·       Need to plan for and budget for upcoming Club events including the following:

o   November:  Joint Membership drive social

o   December:  Club Christmas Party

o   February:  Valentine’s dinner

o   March:  Auction

·       There was discussion also about coordinating with the Soroptimist Club.

·       The Board strongly recommended that Bryan take some time off from the Club following his wedding this coming weekend!  He just smiled.  J





·       Bob continues work on securing grant money and matching funds for this project.

·       The area targeted (Pokot region of Kenya) is 96% illiterate.  The goal is obtain $2,500 to provide scholarships.

·       To obtain matching funds our  District must take the leadership position, which Bob is doing.


·       Saturday, the 21st, from 2:30 to 7:30, the Slaughterhouse Brewery is holding a benefit event to celebrate 10 years of the Etta Project.  Club members are encouraged to attend and enjoy bands, brew, and friendships.

·       ACTION:  Bob or Jay should announce this to members during Club meetings.





·       Valerie will coordinate with Bryan concerning a planned January bowling event.



·       Ron gave a status on Jonna’s response so far to American life.  She is quiet and slowly making friends at school.  She needs the help and support of the Club members.

·       Jonna will be playing volleyball and her schedule has been sent out to the Club hoping to create some cheering and encouragement for her.








NEXT BOARD MEETING is planned for October 8th at 5:30pm at Everybody’s.  The venue seemed to suite everyone.



Meeting minutes respectfully submitted for approval by Jack Gallagher