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The program was Bob Cairns from the Port Orchard Club speaking on his service in Kenya.  Bob retired in 2014 and since that time he and his wife, Christie, have devoted much of their time in Kenya focusing on education and water projects and much more.
Bob has been successful in obtaining several Rotary Global Grants (very, very difficult to obtain). Bob thanked the Bremerton Rotary for contributions that had been made to the Kenya projects and noted that the contributions were very important to being able to secure Global Grants.  The Global Grants come with matching donations from District 5030 and other resources.
Bob’s presentation was inspirational and tremendously moving.  The needs in Kenya are great and the efforts that Bob and his wife and other partnerships that they have developed have been successful in building water systems, developing food resources and getting schools set up for learning, particularly with laptops and communications.  Bob is still taking donations of laptops to place in the schools where communications are minimal.
Bob Cairns, Port Orchard Club and speaker, and
Valencia Tang, BHS Interact Club
District Governor, Craig Gillis, will meet with Port Orchard Rotary Board August 21st at 8:30 AM at the Whiskey Gulch Coffee Shop (immediately after the regular meeting).
The motivating theme this year is Be the Inspiration.  Craig writes:  "Through our collaborative efforts 'we' will leave a deep and sustainable imprint on the lives of others.  When we give to our foundation we create opportunities to aid others who don't share the privileges we know as citizens of first world countries."  Port Orchard Rotary, in partnership with neighboring clubs, will support and strengthen our clubs and membership, focus and increase our humanitarian service, and enhance public image and awareness.  Together, we will make it our mission to Be the Inspiration.
Port Orchard Rotary's Bob Cairns speaks with Kevin Losute of Hifadhi Africa.
Kevin has shown great leadership and dedication in the entirety of Hifadhi
Africa's Taita Taveta based #STEM teachers' training.
Editor's note: Preface by Bob Wubbena of the Nine Thurston County Rotary Club's Water Committee
Bob Cairns from Port Orchard regularly attends our monthly Rotary Water Committee (when he and his wife are not in Africa) and their Club supports our Cool Jazz Event.  Bob's diary message of his current experience in Kenya is consistent with our own experiences in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Honduras, and PNG.   There is a challenge of helping those that need Rotary's help in helping those below the "governments help".  We can all understand that.  Our work as Rotarian is challenging, and not always easy.  But it is needed.  Rotary is a "world wide organization".  Our Rotary Club supports the community, the State, and the world needs.  Remember the Four Way Test.
Our nine Clubs, plus Centralia and Port Orchard Clubs meet monthly at our Water Committee Meeting and  jointly address these issues and give money and encouragement to the Rotarian leading the project.  Come join us at our monthly meeting, or at least support the Cool Jazz Clean Water Wine Tasting Event on November 17 to help raise money for both local and international projects.  Service Above Self is the key words.
A Trip to Kenya with Rotarian Bob Cairns and wife Chris-----Read and appreciate your life in the USA and your role as a Rotarian when you support  The Thurston County Washington --Cool Jazz and Clean Water Wine tasting this fall.  You are doing good!!!
Hi Everyone,
It was rise and shine at 5 AM this morning.  Part 1, Baringo and Nairobi, is over.  We now start Part II of our work in Africa.  We are part of a 12 person team providing STEM education to around 100 teachers.  We had to get up early to insure that we got on the 08:00 high speed train from Nairobi to Mombasa.  I am typing this as we are waiting in our seats waiting for the train to depart.  More about the train later.
We checked out of our hotel in Kabarnet and headed for Nairobi.  Our meeting with a 3rd elected official from Silale did not happen.  He was not available.  But Collins has done an amazing thing by getting the Pokot elite together.   Collin’s meeting has set up a network and working group for the Pokot people in Baringo County.  I have seen several emails where they are communicating about their people.
On 19 Sept, District 5020 approved a DCG for $7,000. The DCG will provide approximately $6,000 of maize to starving Pokot people. One hundred 200 pound bags of maize were provided to 8 villages in East Pokot the first week of Oct. Baringo County provided a large dump truck to haul the 20,000 pounds of maize. Approximately 100 additional 200 pound bags of maize will be provided in the next 2-3 months. A video of this effort was produced and is available on YouTube, Here is the video.
​First, the story behind the photo:  The sand dam was finished on Dec 22, 2016 (My birthday).  On 11 Feb, water just showed up mysteriously behind the sand dam without any local rain.  It rained 70 kilometers away and the residents thought it was magic through the witch doctor.  Almost all (95%) of surface water had dried  up and 80% of the animals (goats and cattle) have been lost because of a lack of water.  People came from as far as 70 kilometers to get water from the 2 km that backed up behind the sand dam.  This first water behind the sand dam was a godsend that saved lives of animals and people.

The Global Grant is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Port Orchard, D5020 and the Rotary Club of Eldoret-Uasin Gishu, D9212.   Project budget: $102,300 

The Literacy part of grant provides small, low-cost computers ($39.95) called raspberry pi, 146 Amazon tablets that are part of the raspberry pi system and 31 laptop computers.  Raspberry pi can operate where there is no electricity, no internet and can be solar powered.  Of the 9 schools in the GG, the 4 primary schools have no electricity.  The raspberry pi contains a full E-learning library produced by World Possible with nearly 3000 videos, over 10,000 literature books, over 60,000 wikipedia articles, medical encyclopedias, etc.
The Water part of grant has installed 5 large tanks at schools, a rainwater harvesting system, a sand dam, and a drip irrigation system.  A growing area of 30 acres is located adjacent to the sand dam and has the drip irrigation system.  With drip irrigation, the goal is to raise maize, and various vegetables.  Food insecurity rate is 56%.  Rainwater tanks of 225,000 was positioned deliberately within 1000 feet of a 12 year old Japanese drilled borehole that was not equipped to be active.  Equipment has been installed and the borehole will be connected to the water tank.  A 2nd growing area alongside the 225,000 liter tank will be established.

The area of the grant is East Pokot, probably one of the poorest places in the entire world.   The literacy rate is 4% and 60% of children never attend school ever.  Area has a population of 150,000 and almost all are goat/cattle farmers.  It is too dry for agriculture.  Major goal is to change the people from pastoralists to farmers.  Otherwise likely that people will die out due to droughts getting more extreme each year.  Current drought is severe with no rain from 20 Jun 2016 till May, 2017.  Area has an absolute poverty rate of 67% which means over 100,000 people have no material possessions.
The Rotary Global Grant is spending twice as much on water projects as Baringo County is for 2016/2017.  The project is having a major impact because of the success of the sand dam and the lack of support from either County or National Government.  The sand dam stored 2 kilometers of water 2 months after the sand dam although no rain was received in East Pokot.  It rained 70 miles away and the water traveled down the seasonal Natan river to the sand dam - see photo story above.  

A wonderful project with life-saving impact! For more information, contact Bob Cairns here.
Margarita Macias of the Rotary Club of Guadalajara Chapultepec stands with the heavy-duty washing machine donated by the Port Orchard Rotary Club for Albergue Mano Amiga cancer shelter in Guadalajara, Mexico. The machine, one of three funded by individual Rotary Clubs in Washington state and California, plus the water pressure system at right, launder clothing and bedding at the three-story hospice for impoverished cancer patients as they undergo treatment at a nearby government hospital.
Hifadhi Africa team asked an elderly person at Natan village what would the situation be if we had not constructed the Sand Dam and his answer was, "Just see the contrasting ends of the Sand Dam and there's your answer. The other end is simply dry, nothing to scoop from it just few days after it equally received the flood. Without the sand dam collecting this water, the whole river would have been dry by now and no single family would be living around here. But we now do and our women are resting from back-carrying water kilometers away."
Port Orchard Rotary's 40th annual Crab Feed and Auction will be a Mexican Fiesta theme March 11, 2017 at the Kitsap Conference Center beginning at 5:00PM.  Come and enjoy the Mariachi Band while you bid on auction items.  This is Port Orchard Rotary's biggest fundraiser of the year.  The funds raised support local and global communities in need. Over the last 39 years, the Port Orchard Rotary has used community support to fund many worthwhile projects including:

Awarding more than $30,000 annually in vocational and academic scholarships
Ready for Kindergarten
AVID  Advancement Via Individual Determination Mentor Program and Grant Funding
Bill Bloomquist Rotary Park
Port Orchard CARES Food and Clothing Drive
Literacy Program for Adults
End Polio Now
Global Projects in Africa
And much more

You can support these programs by attending the auction, donating items to the auction, or providing a sponsorship.

Come join us March 11th and Eat! Drink! Give!  ¡Comer ¡Beber¡Dar!
Auction Tickets are on sale on Brown Paper Tickets:
Thanks to our proud sponsors Kitsap Bank, Kitsap Sun, Vita Graphic, Kitsap Veterinary Hospital, and G. Anderson Group!
Port Orchard Rotary has a long standing tradition of showing just how much Port Orchard Cares via a cause by the same name. Together with Soroptimist members we gather food and gifts, then wrap and distribute them. This was our twentieth year of the event. We collected at least as much or more food and gifts than we have ever done before for one day.
The event starts in October with a trip to eastern Washington to get fresh produce apples and potatoes. An entire truckload of 60 full size apple boxes and 36 of the 50 lb bags of potatoes was delivered to South Kitsap Helpline on October 10.
November is the time when we collect the food for the December distribution This year we collected food at local grocery stores on November 19th and December 3rd. David Selbig had this to say about the collection of November 23rd, " Starting out last Wednesday with a great turnout to set up shelving at the Firehouse, our club members moved right into Saturday on collecting food.  Headed up by our Leslie Reynolds-Taylor who tried like crazy to fill all the spots of those people who called in sick.  Lots of sickness.  Then  Soroptimist Tammy Wilson who also was filling spots.  Bottom got done!  Tammy and her crew stayed late and made sure all of the food was put away on shelving.  According to Tammy, it was one of the best single day collections we have had."
On Saturday, December 17th, Members of the Rotary Club and Soroptimists International of Port Orchard, including family members, distributed gifts and food to assist families and numerous individual senior citizens — adopted from South Kitsap Helpline. Distribution took place at the 20th Annual Port Orchard Cares Christmas event at the South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Station No. 31 on Tremont Avenue.
Inside one room of the fire station were more than 30 volunteers wrappings gifts assigned for the families. There was an information sheet for each family with includes ages and sizes of the children.

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